Support us

Foundation Prep is a free, public school that provides an environment of educational excellence. As we continue to provide an excellent, equitable education to all our Prepsters, we look to our friends, family, colleagues and community to help us cover school‐associated expenses that our families may not be able to afford. School uniforms, healthy lunches and school supplies are but a few of the resources that are essential to the Foundation Prep culture and mission of nurturing lifelong academic achievers.

We invite you to join our cause.



covers the cost of transportation for a field trip.



provides two hours of one-on one tutoring for prepsters who need extra support.



provides two school uniforms for a prepster to wear to school.



provides a prepster with library books for the year, matched to his interests & reading level.



provides a prepster with a healthy lunch for half a year.



provides a computer to help prepsters practice their literacy and math skills.



provides our instructional coaches with cutting edge professional development.



provides a classroom library and opens up the world of literature to 27 curious readers. EVERY DOLLAR YOU GIVE GOES TO SUPPORT OUR PREPSTERS ACHIEVE ACADEMIC AND LIFE SUCCESS.