Our beliefs

In order to provide an excellent, equitable education to all students, regardless of demographic profile or previous academic history, we believe:

(a) that all students can learn and achieve at high levels;
(b) in a focus on literacy in all subjects, which means reading, writing, speaking and listening;
(c) in a rigorous curriculum focusing on skill mastery and conceptual application;
(d) in a mission driven, outcome focused school environment;
(e) in a highly visible leader(s) ensuring all are focused on our mission;
(f)  in classroom practices promoting continuity and predictability from one classroom to another;
(g) in frequent internal assessments with data to drive instruction;
(h) in the character development of each child;
(i)  in a clear, consistent, and fair discipline code, using restorative justice practices to keep students in classrooms;
(j)  in clear and frequent communications with parents, working as partners for student academic and life success; and
(k) in a structured and joyful learning environment, where each child is met and challenged at their level.